DOF In Post?

With reference to the new compositing node for DOF, I’m wondering how the spectacular examples in the thread were done. Whenever I try to do DOF in post, I always get fine blur within the objects, but it stops at the edges of the objects because of the way the blur is assigned. It doesn’t look as though that happened with the compositing node method,but it also seems that people have figured other ways around it. Any suggestions?

Just to make things clear, I’ve included a render from Blender post-processed with a Z
“channel” made from luminanace and Mist. I used Photoshop for the effect and played it up for clarity. This is exactly what I don’t want…


edit – stupid reply…yet again!

Maybe you missed the fact that you actually don’t need to use a fake depth shaded picture, you can connect an actual zbuffer.

But if on the other hand you did this intentionally, then the solution might simply be to negate the image, so that black becomes white and vice versa.
When you use a fake depth image with the node, white is the point of maximum blur, while black means no blur at all.