DOF node trouble

I’ve been hearing alot of good stuff about the dof node around the forum. But whenever I try to use it, nothing happens. Basically the node just blurs the whole image:spin:. I can adjust the Z level to get the foreground in focus but the transition always comes out way to abrupt. There doesn’t seem to be any particular way to control anything. Is there something I missed:confused:?

My main reason for asking is my wanting to be able to animate dof. Seeing as the dof node is linked to the focal point of the camera, this seems like the only way to do this.

-C. Wynn-

Here’s a screenie to show you how it’s done…DoF OB: field in the camera buttons will allow you to animate the focal point (an empty is best for this).




I am working on these as well on a thread I just started as well:

You can’t animate my version but you do get some nice results. I posted my .blend if you want to check it out

Thanks alot, both of you. These really help. I think the main reason I was experiencing problems was my not entering anything into the dof OB panel. I’d never tried that before:o. I only ever put a distance in instead of an actual focal object.

-C. Wynn-