DOF problem in 2.41 internal renderer

OK, it really must be here, but I got too much rubbish while searching to find with my poor net access :<

DOF in 2.41 internal renderer-how do you achieve this? I tried the Blender manual trick with a camera going along a circle, but it doesnt work. When I parent the camera to the circle, it looses its rotation angle and I cant make it track the empty object any more [even using “clear rotation”]. Whats the problem? I tried parenting the tracked empty object to the same ring, but its not “it”.

I`m just finishing my several months-long project and this is what stops me from uploading it!!

BTW, seems there was a test build with “automatic” DOF implemented in the internal renderer. Why didn`t they release it thus far? It was in the times of 2.34 or so!

There is a way to do it using nodes. have a look in the “testing new features” thread in finished projects. I believe there is a tutorial around somewhere too. You’ll need the latest test build to use nodes.

I’m not having trouble here

added bezier circle
added camera
make circle parent of the camera, chose path
selected camera, then cube
hit control+t, chose track to constraint [the old way would’ve worked too]
moved the camera to the start of the path…

because that’s merely an integration of the zblur plugin… which works well on some scenes, and not at all on others. It’s also very awkward to configure and very dependent on your clipstart/end settings

I think you just need to adjust the track settings for your Path & TrackTo constraints (TrackTo usually needs to be -Z follow & Y up).

Hope that helps.

OK, thanks. I followed z3r0 ds advices and it works now. Seems the parenting should be done with path, not with the most typical option (it wasnt highlighted in the manual).

But now I have another problem: the camera lost its rotation. I cant rotate it anymore, its top heads to the +z dir while Id like it to be a bit twisted left. How to achieve it? Rotating the tracked object or the circle does nothing as well as rotating the camera itself [doesnt react or disappears]. Do I have to rotate the whole scene, or is there some more straightforward way? :<

Use an empty as the track to object (if you don’t already) and move it to where you want the centre of the camera’s view to be; so moving the empty left should work.

I hope this helps.

Unfortunately not :frowning: I mean rotating the camera along its lical z axis, not just left. Imagine a falling man view-the ground is not horizontal. The problem is that the cams top always heads up and cant be rotated.

And should the circle be really tracking the empty?! I thought it made sense if the camera tracked the empty, but in the man they say to make the circle track the empty. And how to make its z axis head the empty? They say to tweak the tracking settings, but where are they, %$^#@&*?

You’ll find various Track settings in the ‘Anim settings’ & ‘Constraints’ tabs under the Object panel (F7).


One way to allow “free” camera rotation wile retaining DOF would be to add another empty, and use the “Copy Location” constraint to make it stay in the same place as the camera.

Lets call this empty “DOFloc” and the empty being tracked by the camera “DOFtrack”. Parent DOFtrack to DOFloc.

Now, if the camera is moved, the it doesn’t rotate, but the camera can be rotated on its own axix by rotating DOFloc. This setup could also be animated easily.

I hope this helps.