DoF - Testing

First time i tested Depth of Field with nodes. Pretty ok tool. Looks very good.

Here is the .blend :

Wow, really nice work. The blender file you sent me turned out a little differently than yours but still quite nice. It would be cool to see an easier DoF setup like YafRay has, although the blur in YafRays Dof doesn’t look very nice.
very grainy though.

Yafray’s DOF can be made nicer by turning up the AA by A LOT. Very long render times, though.

hi marsan! i like your setup… haven’t played with it much though, but i guess it’s one of the simplest that i have seen so far. how do you think it compare with the one which uses the defocus node? am really not good at nodes :smiley:

Cool - how long did that take?

Yeah. That’s a nice and simple setup with easy to understand controls
Good One!

@supermajic: Sorry for the .blend was a bit different than in the picture. If only Yafray could speak the same language that the composite nodes do. I love yafray and i love nodes. So i have to choose. I chose blender internal and nodes :slight_smile:

@garuhhh: Hey. Thanks for the kind words. I dont know how the defocus node works. I just searched for a DoF blender tutorial and this setup was what i found. And yeah its pretty intuitive and easy to understand. I think DoF is a powerfull effect which can do great things whit a dull render.

@kbot: Hello, thanks for the reply. The render took like 10 min or somthing. To set up the nodes took some mins, I was looking at a tutorial :).

Here is the same setup with some tweaking with the bluramount. Enjoy and thanks for all the replys.

And here is the actuall setup. Pretty easy.

does it have any problems with transparent objects? if for instance, a transparent glass will be put in front, will there be no problems with that? i think the defocus is having problem with that…
am sorry, can’t try anything with blender now, i’m on a slow laptop and it takes a loooong time even for blender to start, and my mouse isn’t working well :smiley: