DoF + yafray output problems


I have a problem rendering animation that im working on. I have set up DoF nodes and animated it. I have turned do composite on… Now the problem is that if i press render frame in node editor it renders and blurs image with blend internal or yafray renderer.
But if i want to render the animation(pressing anim button) it blures (according to node setup) just if i render with internal renderer.
I even found File output node, and i set up to render 140 frames…than if i press rerender current frame in node editor it gives me correct result but only one frame…and again if i press anim button i just get renders with no DoF.

On short. I cant get my anim setup with DoF rendered with yafray.

I will be eternally gratefull if someone tells me how to do it. Its a commerciall work that i have to finish…so…u know what i mean.

You could render in YafRay without using the node setup. Remember to render the Z pass in Blender Internal. You need this for Defocus node. After you have those two image sequences you can bring them into the node editor and use your setup. Rendering this version should produce the wanted result.