dog har's

when you make hair or fur for the tail of a dog
you want it to follow the tail and all fall down by gravity
is there a way to make it follow mostly the tail lenght and fall by gravity a little bit?


give the particle a -Z starting force, I think 9.8 is like earths gravity, but I might be wrong.

If you have a new SVN build you can just hit the setedit button, and use the comb tools.

what is this SVN built ?


I’d like to know that too actually… I see the term SVN being thrown about, and it seems like its kinda an ‘unstable development’ version, which will have more bugs than the normal stable version, but more features… but I have yet to find out where I can get it, I’ve checked and it doesn’t seem to have it there…

They’re at doesn’t have SVN downloads.

You can paint on the particles and comb the fur in SVN.


Just wondering, is SVN not made by Blender Foundation or something? Why not on