Dog picture and new site

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TurboG’s Graphics

I rescently updated my website by adding a picture of a dog. The dog is meant to look cartoon like. I brushed up on my HTML and the site should look good. (server updates slow…May still look bad on the web till they update it). If it has been updated, it should have some text in red. If all text is still in white only, it hasn’t been updated. The dog pic has allready been placed on the site though. Please post your comments on my new site and on my Dog picture. Thank you!


(stephen2002) #2

the dog looks a lot better than your head (although it is about the same style). The dog looks very plastic, and it looks like it is stuffed and mounted on a wall :stuck_out_tongue:

(TurboG) #3

Thanks. I havn’t done the body yet. I am working on some texture ( I removed the reflectiveness) to make the dog less plastic. If anyone has a good texture ( I am not interested much in using a fur/hair generator) please post a link!
Any comments on the actual web page?


(blengine) #4

nice dog! lol, very cool… his right ears a bit weird but eh… great job, a black texture for the nose would be cool

(Riskbreaker) #5

you got good modelling skillz.

a little tip though, with the pixar eyes, i dont know if this is on purpose, but try not to make the pupils so deep. True the light is meant to be caught on the one side of the iris, but when its too deep you cant see the other half when turned from the side.

Heres my creation a while back (it aint perfect either) :slight_smile:

DFEKT STUDIO - Visuals for the Vision Impared…WHAT THE!?

(S68) #6


getting better. Nice cartoonish feeling :slight_smile:


(TurboG) #7

Thanks for your comments. I will begin work on the eyes again. I am thinking of going Cell Shaded with the dog…It isn’t too hard to do. Also, I am still looking for a good dog texture.

(I will try to post the dog animation but can only leave it up for a while. It takes up about 9/10 of my totaly memory that the site allows!)

I am lookin for a hair fur generator (with tutorial or instructions) and a tutorial on Enviroment maps and reflection.

(TurboG) #8

Finished the eyes and the problem looks fixed. I also updated my site alot.
TurboG’s Graphics

I am posting both pics because you wouldn’t know the difference unless looking at both simulationesly (SP).
At first site you can probably tell the difference in the eyes. Please post some replies as to the actual web site and thanks for the comments!


(wewa_juicyb) #9

I like black noses. Think you could give your dog a black nose? The modeling is great and the proportions are really good!
P.S> HA!!! I’m a groupie now!!! YAY! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: