Dog tags - emboss how to?

Hello everyone,

last night i made this one;

i tried a view methods to emboss the logo on the tag…but nothing turns out well.
bump map -> shadows unreal
svg import -> can’t combine the tag with the vector

Maybe i can solve it when i transform the vector in a mesh? But how to?

Someone knows a good technic?
Thank you!


Subdiv the model up really high and use a displace map perhaps? Really nice render BTW.
And you convert curves to mesh with Alt+C.

Thank you yg3D! I will give that a try…the tags are for an intro, it’s not finished yet…so goood timing

You can fix this by having the tag (the big, hanging object) and the logo as 2 separate objects. Here’s how:

  1. remove the logo texture from your tag.

  2. Import the svg of the logo. It should appear as a 2D curve that is filled. If not, go to the Curves-tab and set the type to 2D. You should now have a flat curve that has filled areas like you want.

  3. In the curves tab, go to the panel that has the options Extrude, Bevel, Offset and Resolution. These sliders will turn your curve into a 3D- shape. Use the Extrude slider to give it depth, then use the Bevel and Resolution sliders to make it look smoother. Don’t worry about Offset.

  4. Select your finished logo shape, then hold shift and select the tag object. Press CTRL + P and click ‘parent’. Now your logo shape will follow the tag object in every move.

Good luck, and happy blending!

I’d consider unwrapping, using a multires modifier, then bring your logo in as a texture, set it as a brush in sculpt mode and stamp it.

If not in cycles (don’t think cycles handles normal maps yet, may be wrong though i’m not current, but by time some read this it will!), then i’d bake out the a normal and use that.

Cycles does support normal maps as of 2.65 that I am sure of…if that doesn’t give you the results you want then I would try the displacement method noted above or the scult method also noted above.

Try normal maps or simply model it in by hand. If you’re feeling particularly lazy there’s always the boolean modifier

This was done with blender 2.5x I think. But it should be possible to marry the techniques to cycles.

you can get latest SVN from graphical org or buildbot
and cycles has normal and bump map node

happy cycles

the converting of the svg curves into a mesh, in the combination with the tag was not convincing so far…but i will try it with normal mapping… I will also keep the intro very simple - let me show you a first try:

Well…the trailer is now finished, may not the best animations ever - but it works…
The first seconds are made with blender and gimp only (also uav), the rest is only filming and editing in magix video maker - no special effects;


You can also use a Tag Embosser. It is a 3D software used for embossing the metal pet id tags.