Dog with fur

(TurboG) #1

I finnaly got this to work! Check out this picture (cut and paste the link)

what do you think? Is it any good? Follow the link to my website if that doesnt work (Click the TurboGraphics button in my Signature.)

Tell me if it is much better than my old dog? I used a hair creating script and, Boy, that took forever to render :o I hope you like it (sorry for this very bad and grammar messed up message. I am in a hurry and I am really tired :o )

(Turkey) #2

hmmm… is it me or is it imosible to open that link???

(BgDM) #3

OK, when you name an image, movie, etc. Do not put spaces in the name. That always seems to be a big problem with geocities, yahoo, tripod, etc., etc…

Rename the jpeg and then post it again. Should work then. Can’t wait to see it :smiley:


(TurboG) #4

Actually, It does work if you clicked my web site and then the link like I said but I’ll change it.

(S68) #5

Not bad,

fur is nice, but ears are to be reworked, expecially pink part.


P.S. Isn’t this a WIP?

(Pooba) #6

It looks ok! Better than I could have done, I really suck at modeling.

The only thing is that the hair doesn’t really look like hair. just a texture put on it, and the ears are kind of messed up (they look like bunny rabbit ears!) Shorten the ears a bit and then get rid of that script, it doesn’t look very good :-? .

(TurboG) #7

Well, The script does look like hair on the model before I subsurf it. Maybe I should just smoothe it (oh no! A longer render) and then try. I think that would solve the ear problem too.

(eeshlo) #8

You should try to lower the alpha slider, it looks too dense. Also try to space the layers further apart, try also to get a good look with less layers to be able to preview it, and only for the final render set the number of layers higher. Anyway, I adjusted the script for you so it will work with subsurf objects too. And I know that all of my scripts seem to suffer from the problem that you have to sort of understand why and how it works before you can use it effectively, I don’t think I can do much about that though…

(Dittohead) #9

The link doesn’t work. fix it.

(blengine) #10

pretty cool buit the fur doesnt look like fur, needs to be longer…looks like stubble =)

(Bapsis) #11

Are you sure its not Fur with Dog??? I cant tell 'cause I cant open your page no matter what I try, but i bet it looks great!!! :wink: Yeah, so keep up the good work!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(shibbydude) #12

not bad. The fur looks nicely uneven. The dog does need eylids, though. We don’t want him to go blind! Great job.