Dogfight (finished)

That’s sweet!

Are those clouds an image texture, or are they more volumetric? They look really good, and fit in nicely with the rest of the scene.

yes i agree it looks really good, buy are the clouds an image or volumetric?

nice scene, did you use dogwaffle for the lens flare?

The lens flare was a final touch in PS, but the rest is blender. The clouds are a texture. I did try volumetric, but for a still image this worked best.

very nice…would love to see more detail on one of those plane, rearrange the camera to see one close up the other on the background since ur model seems to the details…nice sky…

nice work there with the planes, but i too agree that u need to work with the camera to get a better angle…somehow the composition leaves u wanting…other than that, good work…looking forward to another render…