Dogfight, YAK-9 vs. BF109G

This is my latest work.
Modeling and rendering are done by Blender.
Renderer is Cycles.

Thank you,

well done! nice models, lighting, compositing. motion blur is very convincing.

Wow! This is all pretty amazing! A really inspiring work! :yes:

Good, good, good.

Very nice render and composition

this looks like a real photo!! spot on! how did you get the motion blur on the front propeller?

Thank you, all!

The motion blur on the propeller is made by only Blender’s motion blur function.
I set rotation animation to the propeller, then enable motion blur. That’s all.

amazing work

I think you captured so well the situation, great work!

Thank you!

Very well done. Realistic view !

This is great work. Very realistic :slight_smile: