Holy crap! O_O Nice! I love the clouds. (the planes too, but the clouds are definitely great)

That’s awesome! Did you make the clouds or are they a photograph?

Background plane fits in perfectly with the clouds, the foreground plane doesn’t work so well, its seems a bit underlit and the shader looks a bit plasticky. I’d also suggest a hint of motion blur on the foreground plane, something about its angle to the camera looks… strange, cant put my finger on why though.

Quite nice overall, nice clouds, even if they are a photo.

both planes could use more markings (ref: Wings Palette) and a lot more scuffing and “used-look” to the texturing.

Looking good but I think the props should be more of a disk the single blades should not be quite so distinguishable.
And as chipmasque said work a little on the textures they don’t look finished yet.

The sun in the corner like that is really cliché. I advise that you do away with that, even if it just means moving it ‘south east’ a little (diagonally to the bottom right). Nice models, but materials/textures could use a bit of work.