Dogleash sci fi gun

The reason its called dog leash gun is because i was looking at a dog leash when i got the idea to make this. Any advice would be welcomed


A couple things that I noticed is that the circles aren’t aligned properly. The inner circles aren’t in the center of the outer circle. It is also missing a magazine chamber to hold your gun’s bullets. There also doesn’t appear to be a safety mechanism either. I don’t really know much about guns, so there may be a few other bits and pieces I left out that guns have. It’s a good start, but I believe that it could use a little more detail to make it more gunlike and interesting.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the hole that the bullets of the gun come out of (yeah so gun savvy I know) is also too rectangular when it should be round because normal bullets aren’t rectangular.

Should have explained this but that middle core is the “magazine” of sorts, its like a laser gun not a bullet gun so that core is like an energy core holding the energy to fire lasers then the surrounding circle is what turns it into lasers. Like this:


should have explained this earlier the magazine is the core shown out side of the gun right here:
its a laser gun

I think you should give it a better grip. The grip is too small to hold comfortably.

Nice work.

You can try breaking the gun up into parts which will give you more modelling freedom as well as making the gun look much more plausible.

your right i did notice that i thought about holding it and thought about that

what do you mean

If your asking about splitting it into parts, I think he meant that you could make the handle one object, the laser coil thing one object and the barrel another part and then have them attached together in some real world way, like bolts or rivets or something. Also with the gun in separate pieces it would be easier to work with the topology. (I think that is what @GrimZA meant)

Exactly, thanks.