Dogs head

Hi all,

I needed a dogs head but i could not find any good reference pictures so i just used the cartoon dog picture from this tutorial from Maya:

So every credit to the person who has created the picture.

So far the credits now the critics…

I have tried the edge loop modeling for the first time (if you call it like that).
Started with a box and went from there.

There is also a need to animate it so am I on the right way or suggestions for improvement?

Thanks anyway


I’d say it looks pretty good, but I’m still learning, myself. One thing I could see would be if his brow is gonna crease you might want a couple edge loops up there. Still though, most of the topology is looking pretty good so far.

Thanks BlackBoe for your comment.

Just thought i post an update anyway and i also have question about texturing because thats something i find the most difficult part of it all and lightning etc etc :wink:
I will post the question in the right forum.

But here is the new pic c&c is most welcome


I’m sure you could have asked it in here. I mean, it is relavent to your current project.

In my opinion, the eyes seem way to small for a cartoon dog, (in some cartoons, the eyes are just dots… which is why it’s an opinion) but the shape of the head looks nice.

Thanks Howitzer

Will give it go and play with the size of the eyes.
Still haven’t post the texturing question yet so it might as well give it a go in here.

Is it possible to blend two colors on one object?
The nose and the head color are just two material indices but where the faces meet there is a hard border.
Is possible to blend this border or do i have to uv texture it?
(Have to dive into uv texturing one day i quess)

Yeah, you’d have to texture it, indices are per-face only. He, it looks a lot better with eyes and colour. Sorta… lady-and-the-tramp-ish. :] There’s only one problem, his eyelids have a funny crease all along the outer edge-loop, I’m not sure if it’s intentional cause it seems too harsh to fit in with the softer, cartoony lines of the rest of the model.

Also, UV unwrapping isn’t that hard, and there’s a crap-load of info on the mediawiki.

Btw, the eye size looks fine to me.

well, pets (and kids) look really really cute if they have big eyes. so, is the puppy really playful and happy and such? If so, big eyes. You can also vertex paint to mix two colors on one face, but more than that you want to UV. am adjusting wiki now to new features, but the process is basically the same as before.

Make the eye big and one thing
You used half sphere - half sphere for the eye lids but man in real life and profesional cartoons the eyes that are represented by dots in cartoon in sculpted one they eye has an eye lid modeleld not put 2 sphere choped and here we have the eye

Make the pixar eye tutorial and make the retin smal (or what ya call it …not good at english …the “black” spot in centere of the eye smal and the iris stai same))

Eye give the life of a cartoon

Now i go to model my eye for my cartoon :wink:

Thanks for the comments,

So there is three to one for the bigger eyes so i will have a go at that when i have the time and post the results.:eek:

So OneMan you say model the eyelids?
I think you are right and i should do that, this one was just a quick fix to see how the dog look likes with eyes.
Do you have any hints to point me in the right direction for the eyelids?

Also i will give it a go with uvmapping so it might be while before posting an update.
Bu thank you all for the comments!

@RogerWickes can you give me a link for the wiki or is it the one provided by BlackBoe?


Yeah, it’s the same wiki, it’s got a ton of information.

Indeed its got a lot of information…got a lot of reading up to do!!!

small update,

no uv texturing yet.
I am still reading up on that part.

But added bigger eyes in a simple way: just an image texture with an empty.

I Think the bigger eye is better indeed, now i have to remodel the eye surrounding.

Just keeping myself busy.


the ears look almost plant-like. i would suggest flattening them out around the base and at the bend. also, maybe look at how a real dog’s ears bend and adapt that to this toon style. other than that, great job! hope this project turns out well.


I think i will try a remake of the ears.
But i leave it be for the moment.

ALthough there is not much difference from the previous pic the texture for the head is now painted and uv-mapped.

So i congratulate myself with my first almost succesful unwrap and (simple) painted texture and move on to something new.

Thanks for all the answers and maybe this dog will reappear someday barking and running around…

Learned a lot in this little project and that what its all about :wink:



Thought i should gave the head a body also.

Next step adding bones? :confused: