Dogs in a bucket

Hello Guys I didn’t know were to post this so I’m posting it here, it’s a test of photogrammetry in Blender, please tell me what do you think…

You got really great results with your scan! Would you mind sharing the process you took for doing this? I have experimented with photogrammetry too - but I’ve had mostly mediocre results.

i’m guessing that that is a really high poly object.
good scanning, i personally haven’t tried it, but as terrainer said, would you mind sharing the process?

Hey!, it is not so High poly as it looks, the texture makes all the difference it only has 70k triangles

and tooked like 24 ± photos to make the model, I made it in Agisoft Photoscan and lasted 1hr aprox to process it all.

I’m really impressed with the results that you got! I may have to look into Agisoft Photoscan. Was this created using the Standard edition or Professional?

Thanks, it was done with the professional edition and tooked 40min to process all of the photos (not including mesh generation).