Dogs- my first game

This is the first game im going to make with blender :slight_smile:
When / If I finish it it will be a RPG inwhich you a dog that has just arived at a new house and neighbourhood. That’s about all the storry ive come up with :o
I’ve modled the starting house (as well as made all the logic block) well it’s really just the front yard.
ps. the whole game is in 1st person view :frowning:

The dog house was modled in anim8or

I like the bright colors :smiley:

I’ve added a few textures to add a bit more detail. As well as collectable tennis balls :slight_smile: although i’m not shure on what they will do yet :confused: any thoughts?:smiley:

I recommend you plan everything out before starting a game, it goes a lot easier that way.
looks nice though, especially for a first game

I’ll take that advise and start on a plan :slight_smile:
Thanks for the comments