Dogwaffle 5 free

People must be jelly of Blender’s success, as everyone is giving away their software for free. :RocknRoll:

Dogwaffle is some sort of paint app with a rather bizarre name. I looked at a few YouTube videos and at a glance it appears fairly decent. Site looks straight out of 1995, but you can read the reasons why on this page under the “We are now offering Dogwaffle 5 for free” headline. Download link is here.

Whoever is making the Dogwaffle software sure like to entice users for deals related to old versions. (judging from the many threads the developer has made on CGTalk).

In all respect though, I would rather consider a purchase of the current version as it seemed to be one where he was preparing for the program’s future by making the code a bit leaner and faster. (ie. any bloat that has built up being resolved or removed).

So in other words, if you can afford the newest version (version 8), then go for it. (the price has risen a little though when it was released, but it’s still only a small fraction of Photoshop’s cost).