i had a stupid idea while i was walking the dog. I want to model a machine where you put a dog on a band-convoyer and another band moves all the things dogs like along the side such as hydrants, bushs, trees etc. so they can pee on them. In front of the dog is a huge TV screen that shows the path the dog walks.
here is a little sketch i made with blender so you can imagine what i mean.

sounds and looks crazy heh? :smiley:

right now i consider about the style. first i had a toon look in mind but now i tend to do it (or better try it) more photrealistic or a mix between both.

No offence but if you actually develope that it’s not going to catch on very well, nifty and yet unusual idea though.

i think it was a clever idea. a bit better modelling, plus OSA should do the trick.

it has a lot of potential for an animation, too.

Renderwahn I love the idea! its extremely clever. I think the scene would be more fun if done in a toonie style.

As for the layout. I think a projecter would be a little more cost efficient for the big tv screen… hehe you could have some fun with volume light that way too :wink: and just for kicks you might think about including some sensers on your treadmill to determine the dogs speed so the track, screen and rotating scenery could adjust accordingly… hmm … hehe what else… OOH OOH!! I know! ad some sort of gyro deal on the bottom of the treadmill so if he decides to take off for the hydrent it can change direction when he does!! yeah! thats it! You could have all kinds of fun with this! I’m looking forward to see how it comes out.

Kansas, I’m pretty certain that Renderwahn was not planning on trying to market this. Grats on another pointless response.

it needs a bin behind the conveyer belt to catch dog crap.

here is an image of the first item i finished.
lol, i started with the hydrant because i yet don’t know how the machine itself will look like. I guess i have overdone the detail for that stupid hydrant but who cares =p.
for the main part i’ve used a cylinder some extrusens and the face cut tool. the bolts are also made out of simple cylinders with two facecuts to make the edges.
everything is subsurfaced what gives the model nice edges for free (without beveling). Damn i really love subsurfaces!


think it was a clever idea. a bit better modelling, plus OSA should do the trick.
it has a lot of potential for an animation, too.

lol, a lot of better modelling is needed :wink:

SpindleRift: the idea of the projector is nice. but i think i’ll stick to the monitor or maybe not. damn i cant decide =p
the gyro device, well i guess i understand what you mean but i cant imagine the thing as a machine.

a new idea is to put the band with the dog on an hydraulic device so it can simulate raising and earthquakes to the poor dogy =]
about the style, i will make it some kind of “realistic” (at least i’ll try it). i want the machine to look possible in the mechanical way but with the first look you should know that it is somthing totally stupid/insane.

i started building the treadmill for the poor dog but i don’t like the result very much :expressionless:
i will replace the barrier around the treadmill and make it out of glass or maybe put there some flatscreens to expend the VR-world of the dog. :o

if someone has ideas how to improve the thing or to make it totaly diffrent let me know. please :smiley:

oh, and finaly some funny pics i’ve found while i was looking for reference stuff

The hydrant has a lot of detail in it, but maybe make it a little dirtier looking. Of course you are going to texture it that’ll add some dirt to it. It’s still awesome! You can never have too much detail.

sorry for off-topic: I’ve met so many xyz-o-matic, but what does “o-matic” mean?

i dont know this is a guess but id would say its summit like automatic?

my native language isn’t english so i know it neither =p
afaik it is just somthing you put on another word to have a machine with a cool name :wink:
e.g. you have invented a machine/device that cleans your house you can simply name it clean-o-matic or somthing like that without bothering about a nice name :smiley:

maybe someone can give us an detailed explanation?

suggestion for the treadmill, expose more of it than the surface, so we see the sides of the belt and the wheels (or some of them) that drive it- it could even be threaded in an interesting pattern. that way it will be more obvious what it is, and when animated, you’ll be able to see the wheels turning.
yeah, plex or vr screens instead of the metal railings- you don’t want to be giving the dogs too many visual cues that it’s standing still.
nice fire hydrant, btw.

You put some good detail in the hydrant and your little machine is getting quite a bit better, maybe you could turn the conveyor into a projector itself so the dog doesn’t think it’s always walking on the same black material.
BTW: o-matic is a term that follows something that’s basically something that’s automatic.

LOL! Great! But when the dog stops to pee, will the machine stop? Or will the treadmill push him back? And could the TV screen stop as well?

I hope, after it’s all done, you decide to animate!


I think you should put a stuffed dog or something on the belt because most dogs are horny i know my dog is.

lol i second that… well he doesnt anymore… he kinda humped ppl in public so we had to get him the snip :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you should put a stuffed dog or something on the belt because most dogs are horny i know my dog is.

lol. that would be a dogsex-o-matic. but i try to do a dogwalk simulator. maybe there will be a plugin for the simulator :wink:

slikdigit: the open things with turning wheels and a lot of mechanics was the image of the machine i had first in mind. but i wasn’t able to imagine it in a way i liked it.

It will look like an ultra-mega-uber hightech-vr-simulater-arcade machine. with an nice shiny white round plastic housing. like somthing that doesn’t exist right now but in the future. like a pic out of an advertorial.
that is what i have now, needs a lot of work for the mesh/texture/everything.

I think, for best delivery, you should have it at first look like a dog is walking along the road, his toungue hanging out and his ears flopping, With a REALLY happy expression, and then you zoom out to reveal he’s on a simple badly-designed treadmill, with a trashcan behind it. Maybe it could be in a stone basement or something.

Well my dog has been fixed but the wierd things is he doesn’t like other dogs just pillows.