Doing both Blender and another software

My father has recently helped me obtain a year-long GameMaker Studio 2 license, and is it okay if I do that alongside Blender, and occasionally Krita, as well as doing other things I like like typing my story and learning things from Khan Academy? What do you all think?

many people use multiple softwares

Learning and using different software is a good thing, it will help you be more “computer literate”.
It is often necessary to use different software in your pipeline to get optimal results.

How do I get better at drawing and Blender?

I would suggest doing a hands on/community college/school art course. Learning art basics like anatomy, perspective and composition, being exposed to history, critical appreciation and interpretation of art and using and learning techniques across a wide range of physical media would be invaluable for improving your drawing and Blender skills.

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In addition to what Dorro has said. Practice!
Learning anything needs practice, the more you do the better you will get.

There are many tutorials and courses that will help you, but you have to put them into practice, apply what you learn to your own projects.
An example would be that if you do the dounut totorial (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO), once you have a dounut, use what you have learnt to make someting completely different.

Also learn to observe, when you look at objects, animals people, buildings etc try to break down their form mentally. Search for general forms and then secondary forms, try to understand their proportions. When you are modelling and drawing study your reference, first grasp the general picture then add the details. If you are doing a portrait do not start with the eyes or nose, first get the shape of the head!

Do not forget lighting and texture! scrutinise everything you see.

Another important thing is that you have fun doing it! Choose projects that you like this will help your motivation.