doing record: most users online at one time.

Hee Blender dudes, Yesterday I got a really cool idea, breaking a new record. Why not break the record of the most users online at one time. The total users online at one time where 353 user or something like that, and because many blender headsand elysiun members are daily on elysiun it could be a nice try to break a new record, just for fun.
So are there people who want to try it? Only thing we need is setting up a date to do this, my idea was getting more than 360 user online at one time for just 30 or 60 minutes, so who’s on. :smiley:

didn’t i start a thread on that :-?

Is this about

post: record, users going online


post record: users going online :wink:

One thing we sould do first is ask S86 what kind of load the server could take

We don’t want to break the server, so many people will becone homeless (me included) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, We could do this record, but we all have to set up a date and time to do this. If we do that record, I make a topic, where all the blender heads can post a answere why they join the reord, this topic will be made, few minutes before the record starts, the total time of the record should be 30 a 60 minutes, but the users have to stay online on elysiun until end of the record time. I think this should be really fun to do this, and mabe I can make an irc chat room when the record start, so people don’t have to be 60 minutes visitinf elysiun, but just open the site, and then start irc and join the chat with still elysiun open in there browser.

Sorry scotland, I didn’t see your topic because I was really bussy with making this topic. But we can be friends, join my topic and we can organise it together. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh i don’t mind you copying my idea just shows what a genius i am at thinking of ideas

Going off the subject a bit, but what have people got against ‘Caps Lock’ and ‘Shift’?

s68 will it work or screw up the server :-?

who knows?


I say we test it and find out

Yeah, ok whe’re going to test it, I was thinking about a record date on sunday around 11 / 12 PM europe ( 5 /6 PM USA) So are there more idea to set up an exact date? Soon I make a little word document or pdf with more information about breaking the record, I think when people should read it, they know what they’re doing. So everyone is free to make a date, and I’ll choose the best. :smiley:

Whenever it is, someone should post about 24hrs before we try, so everyone can check the time. phpBB automagically converts the post times to the local time zone (provided it’s correct in the profile) so we don’t need to worry about figuring out time zones.

JD Multi: When you say 11/12 pm do you mean 11am/12pm(midday) or do you mean 11pm/12am(midnight). I’m not trying to split hair hear, I’m just confused/conflused/confussed.

Well, it it’s 5/6pm usa, then it would have to be midnight uk, wouldn’t it?

This means about 9/10am in aussie

Thanks Philip

yep 11 pm/12 pm europe is same time as 5 pm/6pm USA, because when it’s in europe 11 pm, then it’s 5 pm in the usa, when we set up a date and time we must also give the europese time, because when usa people say we do the record on 5 pm the europese people will also do this on 5 pm but this shall be the another day :smiley: it’s hard for me to explain it in english, but I hope some of you understand it.

midnight [!] there’s no way i’ll be able to stay up that late then again i suppose it suits more people because most people here are americans correct?

I thought there was about 4 hours different between the east and west coast? No?

just noticed that the elysiun clock is 15 mins out over here

11 pm/12 pm europese time, = same as 5 pm/6 pm usa, but the 5pm/6pm usa time isn’t at night, it’s late in the midday. In europe is 11pm/12pm almost midnight, so usa time is the same as europese time but 6 hours back. so the europese people (me) have to post in almost midnight.
But I thi8nk we should reallt think about how we’re going to do this, because of different times in each continent.