Doing stuff with surfaces

Before someone bashes me for being too general in the title - this is very general question :smiley:

I’ve understood how to do ramp shaders and change the colour of things - but it seems the interface of the latest version is changed so much - tutorials for texturizing and stuff don’t help me.

So yeah, where do I go and what do I do to apply textures (procedural, tiles or bitmaps), bumpmaps, sss and the like?

Explain it as if I were an idiot, because I’m really new to this whole 3D thing.

The two buttons circled in red in the picture are what you want. The button that has a red ball on it is your materials button, this allows you to change things like material color, specularity, reflectiveness, transparency, refraction, and how your textures are mapped to the material. The button next to it is the textures button, it allows you to add procedural and image textures to your material. You may also edit procedural textures in this panel. Currently neither Blender or Yafray have true SSS, although some members here are faking it with the node editor (something I have yet to learn about…:o)

[Edit] Nvidia’s free Gelato renderer has true SSS (and caustics), but you’ll have to wait for Marioamb to finish the Blender plug-in.