Doing the matrix in real time and mirror effect

(rav_bhara) #1

Hi people, if any one has played the game Max Payne or seen the Matrix you will know what i am on about. Bullet time/slow time. All I need to do is change the frame rate per second like 1 frame per second, does any one know how to do this using python script. Also someone told me that you can put mirrored/reflective surfaces using python but the frame rate is really slow. If any one has the python code I just want to test it. Thanks People

(Pooba) #2

There’s a command in python that forces a certain fps ( i think)


(joecool) #3

nope, use properties.
blengine did a tute on this for someone else. I still have the .blend

(joecool) #4

oh yeah, I forgot to say, it’s easy to understand :wink:
Just so long as you understand properties.

(rav_bhara) #5

That example was cool

(joecool) #6

yeah it was. Try fooling with the properties and you will figure out how to rewind and stuff…:slight_smile:

(ineedanewbi) #7

dam… thats cool !!! :slight_smile:

pretty nice demo…

the only problem is actualy doing this stuff in a game.
cuz in a game there are tons of animations, walkin, jumpin, shootin, and there are tons of moving objects… ei. bullets, other AI characters possible enviroment animations… and the last sounds… got to get the low pitched sounds in.

in other words its a lot or work, and im not willing to go back and do all of this my already quarter finished game

someone should make a short game/demo with guns, diving and slow motion

(SeaCigar) #8

Rather than using the “slo-mo” effect only to copy games that have already been released, try using it in more original terms.

not to bash you or anything, but I’ve seen that effect used so much in firefight scenes that is has become downright boring to me.

take a look at saluk’s thread “first rogue screenshots”, to see one little idea of mine, and maybe (JoeCool) send a little professional feedback by someone who has experience in the field.