Doll Head ^_-

Ok, so i restarted from scratch and pretty much took a step back from the last post i made…Right now I’m just boxing out the basic volume and getting the basic start of the (o so famous) edgeloops in place. Next thing im gonna do is make the cuts around the lips to start forming the loops there. Any suggestions/crits on the direction im headed is heavly encouraged :smiley:


I think you are doing a pretty good job. I seem to have a problem with making low poly models. There’s a great site with stream videos which I’ve been trying to follow, but I keep getting distracted. Here’s a link to the index page:

bowlcut - thnx, although im not going for lowpoly :smiley: this is just the beginnings of a head using the box modeling method.

More adventures in box modeling :wink:

added the loops around the mouth and did a little vert pushing.

C&C welcom ^_-


Ahhhh…more geometry added to the head. Have to move a couple more verts around on the head then i guess i can start adventuring into detail(probably where ill need some help) :smiley:


Gotta couple hints from the experts :smiley: in #Blenderchatsigh now working with subsurf on :wink:


First thing I see, and you probably know this, but the nose needs to come out, alot. Other than that, looks good!

WAAAAAAAAAAAY freakin’ better than any head I’ve ever tried to do, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see a lot of poles that could use some cleaning up. Poles are areas where 5 quads meet (or 5 points). They form stars and should be easy to spot. Add partial Edge Loops that connect to it to clean them up by subdividing Edges until they meet and clean up with all Quads.

Poles, what poles ?

I hope this helps…

Just add more edge loops to the detail areas…

Small update. Been playing around with the lips alot. I guess I’ll work on the eyes and nose next.(O yea, and work out the dents in his head %| )

StrikerMunc: Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

BrianH: As for the poles, I tried to get rid of them but had a little trouble so they are still there :expressionless: Also i was told that the area that this paticular pole was in wouldnt hurt because this area doesnt deform much. Im still working on getting rid of it though jus for my own knowledge.

Enriq: Thnx for the tips, i actually started adding the loops u showed me just not in this image because im not done tweaking them yet. They made some nasty creases in my mesh