Doll's facts or the lost toys (Updated 8 may)

Here is my last project :

Modelled with Blender
Rendered with Yafray

DOF and window added in post process.

C&C welcome as always

Amazing ! I can’t say a bad word.

Great, but the direction of light on the table doesn’t match that on the dolls (the scratches are lightned the opposite direction).

Thanks Env,

The scene is illuminated by an HDRI image, the light comes from top right and a bit rear which seems to be ok for the dolls and shadows but now you say it, it seems that the bump on the table is not perfectelly managed by Yafray from the light point of vue as the texture image I used does not contain this problem. To be checked anyway.

excellent work:D

if one of the dolls had a slight smirk it would add a nice element


too tired to really comment - but excellent :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m scared. The missing eye is just creepy…

I noticed the other one-eyed head, on the top of the pile, has its eye looking to the side exactly as the head in the front. I’d mirror that one so that it misses its left eye, and have it look towards the camera as well. That’d enchance the creepy effect.

The creepiness of this scene is quite cool. Maybe a hand, arm, or finger lying on the table beside the heads would have an even greater effect.


Thanks to all,

@Aligorith : This was my first idea, to have the table full of doll’s stuff like legs, arms, … but finally I thought that a head’s heap was more freaky, in a future scene maybe.

@Endoperez : The first version had the eye you mentioned but it was a bit distracting and I removed it.

@Lilo : Yeah, why not, just one in the middle of the heap with a slight smirk, just to make the scene a bit more intrigating.

Thanks again.

wow good job looks very realistic!

Now that I think about it - have you tried the SSS code in yafray? this is one of those materials that would benefit from it (even though SSS in yafray is a bit of a hack)

Thanks Claws,

Yes you are right, some SSS would be great but this function in Yafray does not provide the expected result and needs huge time. I tried with the fake SSS provided on Makehuman site and it’s very hard to tune, result is not good.

Nice work as always, albeit strange… :wink:

Thanks Milky,

Thanks again to all,

I updated the image (see top of topic). I added some more reflection on the dolls and more backlight. I also made few changes based on your comments.

hi enricocenric,

quiet stunning work(as usual).it will be nice to see a night shot,will add to the mystery!

how do you tweek hdri,is there extra lights used?

This is pretty cool. Although I would desaturate the colors as you get further away. I think that would add more depth to the picture.

You could also try darkening the heads, to make it match better with the background.