Doll's Rucksack Photogramatry

I’m thinking of buying this rucksack

and photogramatrying it for this project

I’ve not done any photogramatry before.

Do people think the rucksack would work? It’s not got any shiny surfaces, but there may be a problem with it not being rigid. Also - what (preferably open source) software is best for this? And any other tips?

I have done some.

It should work as long as you chose one that has plenty of surface detail/patterning to key off - although you could add additional dots to one of the plain ones to help.

The fact that’s it’s flexible shouldn’t matter too much, as long as you don’t flex it during the photography part. Put it on a turntable to rotate it, or move around it with the camera without touching it and it should be fine.

There are several free programs (Meshroom, COLMAP, Visual SFM) as well as plenty of commercial solutions too: