Dolph Character

If anyone of you are from Denmark, you may know this fellow…! =)

The head is pretty much done…

“YOU ARE ALL 100% ASSHOLES!” Quote - Dolph

Please comment…
If anyone of you have suggestions on how to make it more “cartoony” i would really appreciate…


If you want cartoony then render using the toon shader setup and turn on edges before you render. I’d also increase your sample number on your AO and possibly increase the Bias a bit as well. Looks good so far, though I’m not from Denmark and don’t know the ref. :smiley:

how to change the AO? (don’t know what it is… i’m all new to Blender =)

haha… den er go’ jeg har også selv været igang med at lave ham, men jeg er aldrig blevet helt ferdig. Har du en bruger på ellers syntes jeg du skal lave en for det er et rigtig godt dansk 3d site.

Here is a good reference picture for you.

A.O. = Ambient Occilation

you can find the settings in the materials section under the world tab. It looks like it is turned on in your color image, unless I mistook the shadowing of your texture for it.

Jonas Reiff
If you remembered to link to the reference picture it would be somewhat easier =)

Khnum - Thx for the tips…! =) i’ll try to play a little around with it…

I’ve tried to make a small movie with Dolph’s well-known “LALALA!” (at least, it is well known if you’re from denmark)
I know the timing isn’t perfect, but it’s just a fast made-one… =) enjoy

I’ll try to have a go at the body soon…

Now, i’ve made the body, the arms and began on the hands (they aren’t perfect)
I’ll also upload a reference picture of the “real” Dolph, so you can see how he is supposed to look like…


lol… here is the phothos

good work one crit is that you have a crease were the nose starts his nose is alot smoother

He is a costume… the nostrils are sewn on the head, so there are supposed to be creases, i think… =) but maybe i’ll work on it

I think Aidan meant… Where the mouth/nose (the “snout” if-you-will, not the nostril holes on top of the “snout”) comes out of the head, it’s convex (or close to it) in the reference photo, and you have it concave. Also you have just a little bit of a sharp edge in the center bottom part of his mouth (where it’s flesh colored).

The nostrils and teeth look correct compared to the reference – I thought they looked a little bit weird at first, but… after seeing reference, I think it’s good.

Great job on the hands!

p.s. it just cracks me up to think that this children’s-tv-show-friendly-looking-hippo would be calling people assholes – that is freakin’ hilarious, heheh

Oh… I get it now…! Thanks Protocold… And i’ve tried to correct it… i can see it now you say it. i’ve also adjusted the teeth a little, added feet and a little more armature (not visible, of course)
I’ve also made a quick (rather lousy)version of his baseball bat (it will be UV-mapped, when i get the time). He carries the bat with him everywhere, and uses it to beat on everything, when he is angry :smiley:

And yes, it is freakin’ hilarious! but the older people of the country don’t get it. They can’t understand why a yelling, racistic, fascist, light-blue hippo is fun…! but it is =)
The series can be seen at… I know it is in danish, but i think you can understand the fun, even though you don’t get the language :stuck_out_tongue:

Quote (translated from danish, as well as i could =) “S-SISSEL KYRKJEBØ! She’s WEAK!. She’s SOFT!. Sissel, It would never be possible to train her to be an assasin. She would refuse to take money in exchange for killing. Lovesongs, No thanks. Knife in the heart of british double agent in Mexico City - YES SIR!”
(Sissel is a wellknown scandinavian singer)

UPDATE::: Now, i thought about the christmas coming closer, so i thought i would put Dolph in a christmas mood… “Merry Christmas… - ASSHOLES!”


now, i’ve corrected a little on the legs, feets, hands and arms. I’ve also done a little more to the baseball bat…

Please comment on how to improve =)


Hov, i’ve rigged him with an armature (please, give me some tips on improvement. It’s first time i try rigging a character)

I’ve also tried a simple pose… Honor!


Okay, i got a problem, and i hope somebody in here can help me…
(look at the picture for explanation help)

When i move the head, the eyes and hat does not follow - but if i make the eyes children of the head, the eyes jumps to the IK solver, and then the IK controls the entire body.
And if i make the hat a child, very strange things happens =S
(never had those problems before)

I really hope somebody can give me an explanation on how to sort this out, so the hat and eyes will follow the head.


I’ve sorted the problem out myself, and now i’ve made some different poses.
Hope you like it =)

(put together in Gimp)