My very first animation on Blender :slight_smile:

or, with a little better quality (youtube can screw up any video) :

That’s pretty darn awesome for a beginner (which I for now assume you are :P) The camera gets a little twitchy tho, you might want to delay the tracking of the camera or maybe animate it by hand. The dolphin’s skin’s a bit too plasticky, you could do some more texturing, and the ocean needs random particles! :stuck_out_tongue:

But other than that, a very neat animation.

EDIT: Oh, and at the beginning the dolphin turns a bit too quickly.

You need RobertT commenting on this, he’s the dolphin’s guy :smiley:

Yeah, im really lost on the texturing part. There are so many options, and I dont have a clue what them all do… The tutorials I found also where not very helpful…

Whoa… Haven’t seen you in a while, 4Daniel.

As Daniel said, the turn in the beginning happens too quickly. You have the same problem with the flip at the end. This can be easily fixed by using the action editor to move the keys further apart.