Domain cube is opaque? Camera can't see through it.

Hello Blender artists,

Please see the attached blend file of a very simple cubic domain for a fluid inflow experiment. The domain cube contains a flattened cube for an obstacle, and a third, smaller cube is the inflow object.

My question is, how do I get the camera to see through the domain cube? When I render a frame, I just see the black wall of the domain cube. Do I need to apply a transparent texture to it? What’s strange is, I made 2 liquid experiments before, and didn’t have that problem. I have no idea what I had done right.

Thank you all, for the good answers I have gotten here!


Clinton Crowley
Fort Worth, Texas


liquid test 3.blend (135 KB)

Weird… It worked just as it should for me. After I baked the fluidsim it rendered only the fluid and obstacle:

Thank you for looking at my attempted liquid simulation. I found that I can go into the domain cube and see the contents. That is, the opaque domain cube is hollow, and I can see the contents, as if it were a cardboard box.

Here’s a slightly more complex attempt. My goal is to have liquid fill up the landscape, forming islands and so on. Here’s where I am confused: I have one small red cube selected as “inflow.” I changed the inflow velocities to single-digit positive values. Baked and animated, nothing happened.

I started thinking that maybe I’m supposed to have another cube selected as “fluid” so that’s why the second cube is there. The tutorials are vague on this point. Hmm, I must be missing something obvious. At your convenience, please have a look at this 1.7 MB blend. Sorry to use Rapidshare, I know a lot of people don’t like it. But it’s too big to upload here.

Clinton Crowley
Fort Worth, Texas

P.S. Answers in Espanol, Deutsch, Russki, Francaise, Nihongo are OK–I can’t speak the languages, but I don’t mind stumbling through conversations using Google language tools. :eek:

liquid_test_4.blend (507 KB)

This should be a better starting point. Read up in the wiki about fluids. Your settings for the domain were not the best. You need a realistic real-world size (10m is the max) and simulation time. Also Ctrl+A all your objects so their scale is 1.

Also under the file menu, select compress file to reduce your file size.