Domain ID protection not all it's cracked up to be?

Hey guys, I have been considering getting my own domain, with ID protect. I did a little research into these ID protect services, and found that some of them are unreliable, even unethical. I am more worried about stalkers, than spammers, personally, as I have had plenty of past experiences with them, and it appears that all that is required for such a person to obtain my identity in some cases, is, simply asking, or making a false allegation of copyright infringement or abuse. A friend of mine actually had to move, after a stalker repeatedly trespassed on his property, and attempted entry. I actually witnessed this first hand on one occasion. Death threats, threats of violence, and other threats are something I am all too familiar with. I cannot risk my personal information being compromised by an irresponsible service that offers only limited protection. Other than just using a subdomain, instead of a domain, any thoughts on how to procede? I suspect I am screwed until the law gets changed, regarding domain privacy, and I hope that it will.

Yeah - some folks on the 'net are quite irresponsible. Pays to be careful.

Go get yourself a post office box so they don’t have your home address.

…and a shotgun if you’re that worried about stalkers breaking into your house.

They will hassle you if you give false information as I found out when the management company of a band that wanted my domain name complained about the only contact information being a fax number in Afghanistan but the registrar just sent an email saying I needed to update it or else.

One thing I noticed, is there seem to be some services that offer a higher level of security, that work because monetary transactions are made anonymously via some type of web currency, so they never actually know who you are, combined with being located off-shore, to avoid any courts. Seems kind of extreme though. Wish they would just change the law, which currently exposes domain owners not only to stalkers, but spammers, hackers, and various other malicious people. I suppose the law is there for the reason, that it helps to prevent abuse and illegal activities. It seems though, that there should be some kind of middle ground. A way to keep down abuse, while still maintaining some degree of privacy.

I’ve been wondering about this myself. It seems a bit odd that you’d need protection in the first place – that all you personal details are available by default!

I have privacy on my site, and apparently it works. If you do a whois lookup you get the host company information. However, the privacy was not setup through a third party. It is an option provided by my web host.

The american solution -.-’ A weapon in your house won’t help a damn thing. You won’t be able to get it fast enough. What if the stalker gets it first?

It’s not a smart plan to have your ID info at the web. There are lots of criminals who like to copy that information and use it to open bank accounts, ect. That’s why I don’t do online business.

Don’t you know? All us Americans sleep with a pillow under our gun :smiley:

I think domain privacy is still better than nothing in most cases, but really the only way to be totally safe on the internet is to stay off the internet :spin:

Yeah, if figured some Europeon would jump on that, they always do…

While it is true that you can never be too careful when it comes to privacy, how about opting for a private registration? It only costs about $10/year and the “whois” database will simply display dummy data.
That is what I did :slight_smile: