Domain names (Must I buy one?)

so I have been trying to set up a website. I would like to run the webserver from my computer and I have located a free DNS. the question is, do I have to go spend money on a domain name? I mean isint there someway I can have one without giving money to someone?

yes, goto

see my sig (the is theirs, they have differents ones to choose from)

it seems you have to pay $15 to register a domain name with them.
are you certen it’s free? and if so, how do I find the free name?

hmm, they do kinda hide it

also, is your IP dynamic or static (if you dont know it’s proly dynamic [changes each time you reconnect to the isp])

my LAN IP is assigned via DHCP server.
so I have created a name, but I can’t seem to find the options input my DNS server addresses.

I also still ask the question: do I really need to give someone money for a domain name? I mean, how do the people who sell the things get accsess to them? and why cant’ I do the same thing?

hmm - your router (have one?) has settings for all of this. you’ll need to configure that to open port 80 to wichever machine your server is on. and you’d be best to make that addy to your server static (from your router).

CornDog, if you’re really new to all this kind of stuff (as I’m gathering from your comments thus far), I highly recommend not setting up a publicly accessible web server on your pc!

I’d recommend going with a free hosting service, such as awardspaceor freehostia, and installing a CMS, like CMS Made Simpleor e107. If you still want your own domain name, find the cheapest name provider out there and host it at your free web host.

Unless you’re just set on having the headaches of securing your system, and keeping it that way, I’d go elsewhere… but that’s just me.

There IS a free domain name out there,

only thing is that you end up with at the end of it.

It’s good though, I’ve got it for

my desire to go through all the “headaches” is rested upon my educational major being computer Science. I’m looking not only to have a website [one with no ad’s and for which I have had to pay very little(if any)] I’m am looking for an education. I want to know how do set this kind of stuff up. [after all, it looks pretty good on a resume for someone my age, that I’m running a website purley from my computer.]

all of that and I’m a cheepskate

oh and one more thing. I have had several websites before this. one was through our ISP. the second was one of those free ad supported sites.

so… did you get it going? where’s it at?

well I have one, but it dosent seem to be working. I have set my server software to what I think are the correct settings but I get a timeout when I try to go there.

  1. your ip addy (from your isp) is likly to have changed.
  2. your router is still blocking port 80 or isn’t pointing to your server

Freewebs has no ads if you stay under 500MB per month bandwith, and extra bandwidth is pretty cheap. ($9 for every extra 3,000MB per month.) They provide a free default domain name, but you have the option of buying a custom one.

[Edit] You start out with 40MB of webspace for free and can buy more for $10 per additional 100MB per year.

such is my issue I think.
I don’t have accsess to my router [apartment complex] and I really don’t think my ISP will let me forward ports.

does freewebs have FTP upload?

I used this service for a while to run website off my home computer for free, if you want personal domain name it might cost a little but was free using one they supplied.

you set up your website yourself, then run this second program that links and (verify’s) your ip address on the half hour so they can forward people to your ip using domain name.