Domain rendering as cube

I am following a blender guru flame thrower tutorial. I am using a old version of blender (2.65) but I haven’t had this problem before using it. Anyway I render it and I get a solid cube, I know how to fix this by turning down the material volume density. When I do this it removes the cube and all of the smoke, rendering nothing on the scene. This is what I see in the viewport.

This is what I see in render.

This is what I get if I turn the material volume density down on the domain.

Here is the .blend file

None of your objects have any material, I think you may have deleted them for the blend. Also none of your objects is a domain, so you’ll never get any smoke or fire. You usually make a large cube and set it as a domain within a new particle system. You then add another object as some kind of emitter of smoke or fire. The domain cube is the one that gets the smoke/fire material. you bake the simulation cache and the domain turns into the smoke and fire.

I would try and find a few newer tutorials for 2.8+ and follow them closely a few times until you get them looking good and then try a few new ones of your own.

So is this a throwaway or do you think I can fix it?

I would start over. If you’re starting out, there’s really no point in learning the old UI. Get yourself a copy of Blender 2.91 (Jan 2021), watch a few tutorials on the basics of 2.8+ and then do a few fire/smoke sim tutorials. If you get stuck and have some specific questions post them. Fire and smoke sims are a lot fun and once you do a couple of them you get the hang of it. Do some tutorial time, and then some experimenting time.