Domain Shape Changes.

Hi there Guys. I’m very new to blender and have been treading into the cycles engine, i followed a tutorial and created this.

however when i went to practice some more and do a few things myself i found the domain randomly change shape. i created a cube but as soon as i give it a domain value it morphs into a random polygon type shape. i’ve tried for hours to messa round and fix it but nothing i do seems to work, ive went back to my blend file for the glass and its even doing it to domains in there.
here are 2 screenshots for my problem one is the cube, then the second is what happens as soon as i click the domain option.

thanks in advance for any help.

It’s picking up an old fluid sim since you haven’t set a new fluid cache location or name


Oh my! such a silly mistake, its working perfectly now! thank you very much :slight_smile: