Dome Mesh

Hi. I´m trying to model this dome:

So, I made this mesh:

And, I used Cast modifier:

But, Cast modifier, stretches bottom areas, comparing to the top. Looking at the reference, there are no distortions. How can I achieve a result like that?

The original has distortions too, it cant be done mathematicly without. You can see it slightly.

For the best result you have to use a cad software. Afaik i see no way to do this in blender with such low distortions like in the reference picture.
You could try it with create a dome, quadremesh, tissue addon and perhaps weld and/or remesh again in a last step.

Thanks, rigoletto. I see… I´ll try to follow your suggestion, yet in Blender. If it won´t work, I´ll try to make it in FreeCAD.

You could try to do it with Tissue/Tesselation:

Starting at 3:30 could be interesting for you. You repeat your substructure at every face of a reference object that simulates your dome.

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Thanks, Trichter. I´ll study Tissue. If I got what I want to, I´ll post here.

might work with simple dupliface

happy cl

Thanks, Ricky. But I tried the Tissue addon and it worked!

Thank you, Trichter!

It is still streched, though. If you want it to be truely non stretched you will need to use a base object whose polygons are all of the same size.
That would either be one of the platonic solids or a geodesic dome.
From the platonic solids only an icosahedron makes sense. You can get that by creating an icos sphere and putting the subdivisions to 1.

For geodesic domes blender comes with a build in addon which you have to activate. It is called "geodesic domes and can be found in the addon “add mesh” category.

Thanks, Lumpengnom! Really good tip! :wink:

Eh, I just noticed that your structure is made up out of quad elements which afaik makes it impossible to do without stretching. You need either a tri structure or a hex/pentagon structure like a soccer football.

I´ll take a look on that. Thanks, again.