Domed City Concept

Been working on this off and on for a while now, and with summer coming around soon, I thought I’d wrap it up in order to make room for some new projects. I always feel like there’s something more I can add, but if I keep adding more to it, nobody else will ever see it, and we can’t have that!

I’m open to any and all criticism so feel free to give it! (As long as its constructive, of course.) Though, since I think I’m done with this project, it’s likely that most criticism will be kept in-mind for future projects rather than for continuing to modify this one. But who knows?

Thanks for checking this out!

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I like it but at the same time believe that the image would benefit from using (a lot more) contrast and better highlighting of certain objects.
For example: darker sky, perhaps darker background too.

First thing I will say about this render is that it’s ambitious. The concept of floating cities hovering above a smog-ridden Earth with small ecosystems is not easy. Your design is consistent overall and most of areas of the image look finished.
There are a few that are throwing the image off a bit one of them being the atmospheric perspective of the Earth in the background. The density of the atmosphere looks flat all over, which I think takes away from feeling of height and depth and breaks the illusion.
It’s hard to tell what style you were going for, but to me it looks a bit cartoonist with the flat colors and high contrast lighting. The materials on the dome platform look like default cycles diffuse as well; some variation on that would help add more detail and realism(again, not sure what style you were aiming for).
Lastly is composition. I think the position of the camera is good, as well as the placement of your floating land masses.
Hopefully that is some useful critique and you can apply some of the ideas into your next project. Nice job following through on the project, that can be the hardest part sometimes! Best of luck.

Hey y’all! Thanks for the feedback! Been a super long day today, so it was nice for it to end with some good criticism on my project. Your comments have definitely been noted and will be referred back to in further projects.

Geromy, I decided to go ahead and just contrast the image, since it was really simple to do anyway. What do you think?

polygobblerr, first of all I’m going to assume “ambitious” is a good thing, haha. The rest of your notes definitely made me think much more carefully about what I could have done differently and better with this. If my next project keeps my attention long enough, it’ll be a grand opportunity to apply your criticism, so stay tuned! :grin:

Thanks again, guys!

(I forgot to mention earlier that I’m considered a rookie so take that into account)

I like it better and it seems you got rid of some of the flatness polygobblerr was talking about.
Still, I feel there’s something missing but can’t put my finger on it exactly. The atmosphere looks odd a bit, perhaps another color or elements like stars (dim, not too bright) would make it more living.
I also noticed the flat shading of the cilinders, is that on purpose?
Like polygobblerr, I’m not sure about the style you’re after, it looks a bit modelish but at the same time I feel it would be good enough for publishing to illustrate an article online or in a magazine.