Dominance War / Pentagenesis cross project

here is a little 520kb avi, 640x480, 4 second of a model I am working on, 4998 tris, for a contest called domination war over at cgchat:

It is too high poly count for either of my two personal projects, except perhaps as a cutscene, or as a leaderhead in the Civilization IV mod I am working on.

Nice design you have there.

I liked the weapons and armor plating, the unit looks like it would have the ability to perform hit and run attacks, enough firepower to make an impact on the way in, but enough armor to give it survivability as it breaks contact and pulls away.

The joints look good for the low level of polys.

The eye reminds me of HAL 9000, which is kind of a chilling thought, Combining evil artificial intellect with weapons. :<