Dominator Rapid-Firing Mobile Artillery Platform or DRFMAP for short

EDIT: Current shape of things
EDIT: Current shape of things

Like the thread name says it’s supposed to be mobile artillery piece from the future or something among those lines. I’m planning on adding a belt feeding caseless rounds from the back of the vehicle into the turret. What I’m after is some good old C&C, but plain old feedback and a word or two will suffice. :evilgrin:


Frontal perspective:

Perspective from back:

I’m also willing to hear suggestions on additions, but I make no promises on implementing any of them(if they collide with my ‘vision’). When I’m done I’m hoping to have this thing on a destroyed city street aiming or firing at some distant target(out of the view). :cool:

Thank you for bearing me to the end of this post.

The model looks good so far. I do have a question: What is the scale of this thing? Is the front, below the barrels, the cockpit?

They’re intended as supports that can be extended and used to stabilize the platform while firing. They’re still very much WIP.

Cool idea, looks like a gatling tank. :smiley: I look forward to seeing progress on this.

Sorry, I guess my question wasn’t very clear. If this something that a human fits into or something a human stands on? Basically, I am trying to figure out if those guns are 6-pond guns or 50 cal guns.

Damn my tired eyes… I misread what you posted. The cockpit is supposed to be one where you can sit in back straight. Human height would be around the height of the tires(head being slightly above the top of the tire). Which reminds me that I need to add a hatch behind that cockpit.

Now I get it, Big A$$ guns. LOL

One thing that doesn’t look quite military are the exposed hydraulics. If it were my tank I would want those covered by some armor. Just a thought.

I managed to steal a couple of moments from school work to work on this thing. Those huge armor plates around the turret are temporary. :stuck_out_tongue: I was just figuring out what kind of protection I’d add to the sides of the turret. I also added a hatch for the driver/gunner to get out of the vehicle. Then there’s of course my very much WIP closed belt, which will probably become a real nuisance to rig.

I’m hoping to get some more hours on this next weekend. :frowning:

I’ve worked a bit more on this beast and I think I’ve finally found the “right” type of armoring for the turret. :yes:

Here’s what I got:

After a week of not working on anything because my old trusty Ati Radeon 9800 Pro died and I had to wait a while to get a replacement(a nVidia 7600 GT), I’m back in business.

Here’s what I’ve been planning with the camera angle:

There will be broken down buildings, smoke, bomb holes, garbage and all sorts of other things in there, but as for now I’ve settled to blocking things out.

Very cool, I can’t wait to see this thing is action.

That’s looking sweet man, I’m working on my own kind of artillery vehicle as well, but it doesn’t look quite as good as yours. Maybe I’ll get there sometime :wink:

Very nice model!

My only comment for now (usual disclaimer: I am no 3d expert, no artist, and for this model, no military expert :stuck_out_tongue: ) is maybe you need something in the back to help with the recoil of these guns… I mean if these gun fires the whole thing will tend to move backward, and the wheel and side legs wont be very effective. I am trying to imagine it a little as one of these heavy construction tractor (sorry I cant find the right name) backhoe! (googled it)?, they often drop the front shovel down aside from extending the two side legs to help the tractor stay in place?

Here’s a picture

So maybe something in the back similar to the front shovel of this tractor, but obviously without it being a shovel, just something to stop the recoil :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s a great model, thanks for showing it :slight_smile:

@DarkDays66: Good idea. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll add it next time I go back to working on the vehicle itself.

@BlenderRocks!: :wink: I’m merely a confuzzled nublet myself, but what I’ve found out useful is to take your time with any modeling project you do. Some also suggest that you should do some designing before hand, but I only did that when I mapped for Half-Life.

I’m progressing slowly, but steadily. Exams and school projects have been eating up my time lately, but I’m hoping to get back on track soon. :yes:

Anyways here’s a small update:

Hmm… I guess I should turn shadows on since it’s starting to be hard to see what is what without contrast. :no:

Very nice! Just a question- what are those two (gosh I forget the name) construction metal pillar things doing in mid-air between the building and tank?

cool! fire at will!

:stuck_out_tongue: Something I forgot to delete apparently. There will be more buildings and the ones I’ve been blocking out will be refined further.

Edit: I’ll just slip this small update here.

Another small update on the houses in the background:

I’m not very happy about how the undetonated bomb turned out, so I’ll be redoing it at some point. So much to add and so little time. :frowning:

Thank you for popping in for a look. :yes:

Cool updates, I like the destruction on the buildings, but like you allready said the bomb needs work. Those fins look odd for a bomb that big, they seem too fragile / thin.

I guess it’s time for another update on this project. I’ve been working here and there on this project, but as you can see I’m making progress. There are still more buildings and more damage to model and some stuff for the artillery platform itself, but I’m confident that I’ll get modeling part done soonish(unless I go crazy and decide to redo some things). :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy and thank you for your interest. C&C is as always welcome. :evilgrin: