All new renders are at the end of the thread

UPDATE 04/13/08: Ok, started working on the beast that hauls the cannon.

UPDATE 04/06/08:
Back at it… finished the walk cycle check the last post…

UPDATE 03/01/08:
Finished low poly rifle , texture, normalmap, and spec map. Ready to start creating skeleton. Pic on page 2.

UPDATE 02/11/08:
working on the gun early render without proper texture and unfinished at the end of page 2

UPDATE 02/08/O8:
almost finished with the texture. Only a few things left to do… Video is in page two comment.

UPDATE 02/05/08:
backpack tex, bed roll & strap tex, white on coat, shoe leather. Also tweaked waist in and shoulder down on mesh.

TO DO: Buttons, buckles, glasses, shadows in needed places. Fill in Lower section of neck inside coat. Add texture to color of outer leather strap. Add Gold, and eagle to main strap buckle. fix AO problems with right shoe flap, and get shadows, right.

UPDATE 02/05/08:
fixed low poly, spent days trying to get AO and Normal map rendering to work properly (failed) and started work on texture… see page 2

UPDATE 01/20/08:
fixed hat, not done for the day but GF wants time today.

UPDATE 01/19/08:
fixed proportions, and few other various areas. Pic at bottom of page.

I’ve been working on this rts mod for glest in my spare time (also done with blender), and decided that if I really want to make a game, I needed some high detail characters, and perhaps even a game engine change.

This is just the begginning of the first high poly model that will be used for normal mapping and AO. It still needs a lot more work, and there are still missing parts but it’s a begginning, so any feedback would be great.


Holy crap!!! that is awesome. Lots of details. Beautiful model.

Yes, very good. His feet are a bit big and his hands looks a bit strange. Maybe because he’s wearing gloves?

nice catch Rdicul, :slight_smile: actually the hands and feet are not finished yet. There are also some straps, and buckles, and armor parts that need to go into this, so it is not anywhere near complete yet.

The head seems to be too small too, but I’m not quite sure. Trying to measure on the screen, he’s somewhere between 8.5 and 9 heads tall. The usual proportion is eight heads tall.

again, correct… heh, you have an eye for sure Rodicul :wink:

I just kind of blocked it out and then went for it without paying enough attention to scale. The torso and arms are the culprit, both are too long, but because this is only the high poly for AO and normals baking I can make the corrections on the final model. So I’m not to worried about the scale problems unless they will distort the final image, but I think it’s close enough to negate that.

I really like it - there’s a lot of nice detail there. The only thing I’d comment on is the hat - the wrinkles look fine on the rest of the clothes but the hat looks a bit like a paper bag at the moment (at least to me). But yeah, great work :slight_smile:

The hat is leather, so I think once it’s textured it should look about right.

Here’s a head shot…

Excellent detail, right down to the wrinkles. but I have to ask, is he like a chef-soldier? if he’s a soldier, practically speaking, that hat wouldnt last a week in the field, especially after the first march thru the forest. If he’s a chef, why does he need a bedroll?

IT’S A LEATHER HAT ALREADY… sheesh! I got the idea for the hat from some period artwork british army in like 1816 or something

Edit: updated on next post, removed pics because of redundancy…

fixed the hands…

If you look at his right hand, there’s something strange going on at the base of his index finger.

my only crit (besides the hat…as a marine it just doesn’t seem right) would be his shoulder area and torso area. For the shoulders I’m willing to accept the fact that it might just be the coat making it look like his shoulder and armpit are 2 miles away from each other. But the fact that the bottom of his neck appears to be 5 1/2 heads a way from the center of the model, while the bottom of the feet appear to be 4 heads away from that same spot screams to the fact that you may want to measure your proportions a bit more. No I didn’t break out the ruler whne making this observation. It was just the first thing that smacked me in my face on the first look at your pic. And all my crits are done on that first impression.

Moving his entire groin area up just a bit will propably make it more visually appealing. But that’s just my 2 cents.

But other than the proportions (in my eyes)…the model is spot on.

Great model! One thing I noticed is that if I don’t look at his head or hands, I can’t tell if I’m looking at his front or his back. He’s too flat.

Besides that, it’s awesome! Great job!

Ok, fixed the proportions issue. I used a human proportions scale I found on the web, put multimesh to 1, and edited. Then went back and scaled all of his parts to fit. took about two hours.

As for the hat issue, I actually like this hat. It’s era 1816 or so, and I think you should see it out through texturing before you pass judgment on style. The hat’s of that era were all tall. So it’s part of the uniform like it or not. Now I’m just using that as a base, the concept is something more steam punk. So like I said that is a matter of taste, and not modeling.

The only thing I’m not sure about is that I know that U.S. marines in the early 1800’s were actually issued tomahawks as part of their battle gear, and although this is not a U.S. style soldier, I’m thinking of adding it… any thoughts??

It’s looking really good! I love your detail!
One thing that could be changed is you could make the hat just a little but shorter. It doesn’t look quite that tall in that other picture and, as it is now, it’s slightly distracting.

[quote=LiveWire;1028275]Great model! One thing I noticed is that if I don’t look at his head or hands, I can’t tell if I’m looking at his front or his back. He’s too flat.

I agree, he really needs to bulk up a bit, one thing that might help, is that is legs and arms are unnaturally straight (Come on, no one can stand that straight), theres always going to be some amount of angle in the legs and arms, if you add that he’ll probablt look loads better.

@ maul2

This is a high poly for a low poly game character. The arms and legs, are positioned for animation.

Next re-fit the low poly base model normalmap, AO bake, and then texture.

@ LiveWire

Ya, I think you’re right, I messed with the hat for about an hour, and I can’t believe I missed that. I’ll give it a shot. :wink:

hat resized, as far as I dare… maybe too much??