Domino's F1

Not sure yet if I’ll be entering but everyone seemed to be having so much fun with this, thought I’d join in :slight_smile:

Sadly I don’t yet have a concept for my car other than keeping it near future and sticking to the current F1 regulations fairly closely in my design.

So far I have a front wheel. Next step is to make a slightly wider one for the rear and get the wheel base laid out.

Lovely texture on the rubber

Thanks Chris :slight_smile:

Done a bit more today… Got a nose cone too now…

You should add 3 more wheels. Really.

Apart from that, no crits.

Yeah, I was going to have 4 wheels, then I realised with the extra width on the back and needing to mirror them because of the spiral spokes, each one need to be unique :eek:

So that got moved further back into the modelling then I can make sure they fit nicely before doing all the variations :smiley: