dominos falling composite

My first decent composite I thought it looked good what do you think, any c+c would be good any positive feedback would be nice as well as I dont get a lot due to my very noobishness

anyone know how i can post a 63.2mb file?

63MB is pretty big

have you compressed the video at all?

how many frames is it in total and what size is it(eg 800x600)

few people will want to download a 63 meg file

I would suggest putting it on youtube and also providing a larger version for those who want to see it in better detail (not as large as 63 meg though ;))

Movie maker does wonders on file size :slight_smile: you should try it.

thanks for your replys it is 270 frames and is 320x256

definatly,l and doesnt change the quality much

thank you all but windows movie maker crashes everytime i try and import it in any suggestions? its too big for youtube

Windows movie maker crashes allot, but normaly import the movies ok…
You can try to use the windows media encoder, it’s rock stable and if you don’t need to
edit your movie it should do the trick.

avidemux will do the same

If you have the time to render the animation again you could play with the output formats, render to avi jpeg (choose 90% compression) or Quicktime.

As a post process you could try TMpegEnc.

Install Xvid and encoded with that.