Domus Romana

Hi everyone, the first version is my entry for an italian contest, called Domus Romana. Everything was entirely made in blender and the most materials are procedural. But I am not too satisfied, so I decided to work again (second version) and I need of some criticism and suggestions. Thanks for your feedback!

Hello! I think the problem is the light, every thing else looks amazing.
I don’t know much, but some volumetric, so you can see light, or some dust in the air. Or just some composite, a vignette, or a mist pass, some light beams…
It need to seem hot (maybe some vapor coming out the water?), it need a story (hot summer in a villa in Rome, coming from a long campaign). You can go for a red feel, or yellow.
The eyes go all around but they tend to go to the right, to much weight on the red of the “flag?”
Just silly ideas to help you think.

Thanks… I have your same doubts about! :slight_smile:
Anyway I tried to do some improvements. What do you think?

The lighting is much more interesting and appealing in the last two renders. Your image gains depth from the new lighting. I think the yellow tint is appealing and strengthens the impression of heat. Like Tonatiuh said the new lighting guides the attention to the foreground and the guidon. But I think it’s a good thing, because it gives a focal point. The old masters used the same technique to guide the viewer.

I like the frame with red that you add. And now the ambient is more dense, it looks rely nice. I don’t know why but my mind expect to see the light rays… coming from the top left.

I actually made almost identical looking columns for a render I finished today. If you want, I can share with you the concrete material I used for mine, as I personally think it looks great. One thing I would suggest- your camera is extremely centered and symmetrical, I would move it to the side or rotate it a little. I would add transparency to the flag to make a more realistic cloth material. Also, is that ivy growing vertically out of the vase? I would replace the ivy with a small shrub to go into the vase, and move the ivy origin to one of the columns or something. Real ivy would not be able to grow vertically high enough to reach the wall (it cannot grip air).