Don Marko

Hi, I started made game “Don Marko”.Game about funny mafia group from Russia.
Game in progress!

Don Marko model

started texturing.

Must say, that looks fairly good.

Finish jeans texturing.

finish shoes texture

model was finished

started animation with pistol

started game logic

btw if you dont mind he looks more like a regular bugler than a Don.

Finished HUD system

railway station

railway station vol.2

New house

The first screenshots from exe file

test gameplay

The walk cycle’s a bit too slow, and the bullets go very slowly to be… Well, bullets. However, it’s looking pretty interesting. Good job so far.

Completed the rayonchik station. : 0)
And he thought about the game:
The action game takes place in some Russian gorode.Vash hero comes back home from the annual journey through the world and inspired by the mafia gang decides to make his own.
During the game you have to change your player on his right hand.
The game’s plot is Funny and try to do very exciting.
Game Type: Open world.
New screen

Your game looks better with the update. I had my doubts when I saw your first few post a couple of weeks ago, but if you keep this simple graphic style, then I think this could turn out to be pretty good.

Keep it up. :slight_smile: