Don Ramon

Hi here is one of my favorite mexican character, the modeling and textures was done in 3d Coat3, all the rendering in Blender 2.53


eXCELENTE!!! Don Ramon es lo maximo! felicitaciones y gracias!

Very good, very sinister. Well done.

Hehehe, may we must say “Rondamón” hehehe. Congrats, very cool.

Thanks :slight_smile: yes como dice el chavo, Rondamon. I still working on the skin shader he looks to waxy.

Looks great. Lightning, composing and expression. Agree on skin - just lower sss scale and make scatter color almost white - 0,95 usually works.
And his eyes should be darker, especially since he is balack. More like this guy:

Enhorabuena, es un trabajo excelente.

Here we are again, excellent modeling work.
About 3DC what format did you use for exporting normal maps?
!!! from me.

excellent rondamon jejejeje very nice modelling and texturing excellent job!