Donate For The BMesh & New Particles Integration!

A good explanation what bmesh is or does would be really nice. I’ve read about it a lot and was looking for it on the wiki but I didn’t find anything that clearly helped me understand what bmesh is.

Bmesh is a rewrite of the Blender mesh code.

bmesh will enable ngons, which in future will enable modeling tools more like what modo has to offer for example.

ngons is what i miss most in blender. i am really looking forward to this. i made a small donation…

Once i get payed i’ll donate :slight_smile:

I’ll try to donate to both projects.

Donated, I don’t “need” Bmesh, but what a speed up it will be!..

BTW: the link(donate link) needs a little more distinction. I found it only on accident.

Hmm I don’t really get the point of it. Ok it makes NGons possible but in fact we already have NGons in Blender, don’t we? Ok it is called FGons because they are “faked” but in the end NGons always get triangulated. It is totally the same like a faked NGon, isn’t it?

I made a quick NGon in Cinema 4D and enabled the real NGon mesh which is generated.

I donated as well

Hmm I don’t really get the point of it. Ok it makes NGons possible but in fact we already have NGons in Blender, don’t we? Ok it is called FGons because they are “faked” but in the end NGons always get triangulated. It is totally the same like a faked NGon, isn’t it?
no, it’s not the same. a ngon data structure contains connectivity info which makes more advanced modeling tools and powerful selection modes easier to do. it also will be possible for example to delete edges without destroying polygons which often is a huge time saver while modeling.

blender’s fgons are a cosmetic feature only. i think it only causes some edges not to be drawn.

The point of Bmesh has always been to attempt to address some specific long-standing issues with Blender’s Mesh tools. N-gons are only part of that.

This is a complex issue that cannot be boiled down to any one thing.


Hey there, incase you dont know Briggs wrote BMesh originally and he may try to downplay its importance.
but dont listen to him! (if he tries to tell you its not massively important)

Writing mesh tools with editmesh is incredibly annoying, there is no easy way to know any connectivity info, like what faces are connected to a vertex, or what faces use an edge.
You end up needing to write code to calculate this for each tool, It makes the tool run slow, makes development slow, and makes the code messy.
Basically cool modeling features become a lot more annoying to write, so BMesh solves this and other problems :slight_smile:
Personally I think BMesh is as important as 2.5’s event refactor.

I donated to the Bmesh project, and here’s why:

I expect it will make modeling much more enjoyable, faster and more efficient. Not having n-gons is one of the biggest drawbacks of Blenders modeling system. Yes, you can achieve similar results without, and yes, it’s best to have your final models be all quads, but what n-gons help to improve is workflow. Aside from n-gons, Bmesh should make it easier to make create powerful modeling tools, more akin to the ones found in apps like Modo and Silo.

Here’s a video of Silo in action, using n-gons and other tools:

I see Bmesh as a very important project for Blender, and especially now with 2.5 coming up with its new tool API. I hope Bmesh can make it in 2.5 - also means developers don’t have to re-implement tools twice, one for 2.5, and one for Bmesh :wink:


I agree with whats stated above me. :yes:

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Bmesh is very high on my watchlist, and like William stated it’ll be a big improvement to Blender’s mesh/modeling system

I know this is way too early to expect an answer, but I thought I’d ask for fun.

So would BMESH allow python to request the history of a selection by vertices, faces, etc…?

I have seen the question come up in the python forum before. If I have a 10 faces selection I need to know what order they were selected in; returned as a list perhaps?

Bmesh is what I´ve been waiting for a couple of years now. If I didn´t have to actually eat, I´d give all my money to support the project=P That being said, we mustn’t forget Jahka´s really kewl work on particles, It´s becoming a really capable system, and i can´t wait to see what more he has up his sleeve!=) DONATE! @accessoire: Fgons are called fake for a reason, and if you´ve ever actually used ngons you wouldn´t even make the comparison. It´s only a visual trick, to eliminate line clutter, try making a cut through an fgon, and weep at the mess created=(

I’ll be happy to donate. In fact I’ll donate to both even though B-mesh is the primary thing I want to see in Blender 2.5. However, my questions are, what level of funding/target do we need to hit to be reasonably confident that these features will get integrated into Blender for 2.5 (or at all)? Also, how much of the integration depends on decisions by the Blender Foundation, and how much depends on having this “code complete”?
Donating money is not a problem.
Donating money in an “arbitrary way” so that something “might get done” is something else.

Blender has actually stored selection history for explicitly selected mesh elements for several years now.This was added for path select (and others? Merge first/last might use it I cant remember) Anyway it was just never exposed to python. It’s nuked on file save though (or is it load? again, can’t remember).

Anyway this is not really a Bmesh issue; the new python API in 2.5 should grant access to this information ‘automagically’.


@achrystie: Both Joeedh and Jahka have been substantial submitters to the Blender codebase for years. They know their way around the Blender code, Blender´s particles as they are right now is much Jahka´s baby. I am thouroughly confident in both finishing what they start. But if they are able to finish it quicker by the way of donation, all the better, it would be really kewl to have this finished when 2.5 is announced to the 3d community(for extra effect=)

I had a teacher saying “if you have one N-gon in your mesh, I’ll smack you as hard as I can” so I guess I got use to work without :stuck_out_tongue: (but I guess it could be usefull, when you want to make a quick and dirty mesh, or if you think about doing a retopo at the end, or either for some architectural project…)

Anyway, so fare I’m more interesting in the new particle system though !