Donate futuristic concept car INTERIOR (screenshot will be just fine, too)


I am just bits away from beginning a YouTube movie with a 3D car.
It will be me and my wife driving a fututistic car around Santorini island.

But I do not have a 3D car interior. I was planning to grab some still shot
from Google/Images, but this I guess creates a problem of intellectual property
violation and the like.

Therefore I would appreciate if anybody could donate a 3d car interior, with the
permit to use in a YouTube movie. Of course credits will be due accordingly, at the
end of the movie.

An alternative would be to just render a still shot and post me the .jpg image.
However if you do that, be so kind to remove the steering wheel and have the interior
color be mostly blue-ish.

Or if you could point me to some free-to-use car interior renderings,

Thank you

Here is a hover car I am making for you,

I still need to texture it,

Do you have a seat shape you want covered up?

what res are you shooting?

Hey guys thanks for your support!
I am shooting at 640x480. But I can scale whatever image one sends me.

For interior I want a shot like this one:
(but without the steering wheel or driver)

This shot will be three videos on top of each other.

  1. The road
  2. The car interior -> this does not animate
  3. Myself turning the steering wheel (I have bought a real steering wheel to hold :slight_smile: )

…placed on top of each other via green-screen keying.

Are you a art student?

No I am very amateur to all of these. I am doing it just for the fun of it.

I have so far uploaded random videos from my life that I thought might be of interest to anyone.

The video I am making now is the first time I try to create a video specifically for YouTube. I have rendered
some tests and does not look bad. Although it is nowhere near professional. E.g. here is a screenshot of the “car” parked outside my house (old screeshot, meanwhile the car has shadow and proper lightning, but I do not have a screenshot right now).


But it will not be money-making because YouTube partnership is not activated for Greece, so even if I wanted I can not put advertisements onto it (and even if I did, you need a million hits to make 2-5.000 dollars).

However as mentioned above, the donor’s name will be included in the “Modelling” part of the end titles.

ok, so the sun/ sky needs to reflect off that scene, otherwise it is great,

did you make that model?
it looks good!
just needs some little details,

Do you want me to make a model? or help you to make a model? I think the latter is better,

Yes I made this model. I know it has low detail, but I prefer to keep it, since i have invested so much time on it.
Can not work more on it because I am bored :slight_smile: and I want to move on with the project.
If you want I could send you the model to add a few more details on the outside ?

Oh, here it is going round and round:

first off, turn on AO, that will make that car pop, and second, get a nice blue sky with clouds as your sky, and this will be reflected/spec on the car, bringing it into the scene,

and last, in a still shot like that, go down where the car is going to be, stand in the center, spin and take pictures!!!
this can be your faked reflection map :slight_smile:

then with better lighting it is “In” the scene,

Now about the dashboard, want me to just add it/ tamper with the car you made?

Hello thanks for the suggestions, I will implement those surely!

About the dashboard, it better be on a different file
From what I have experimented, it needs a lot of work to look good.
My suggestion was if anybody had it ready and would like to donate it.
It is not worth your trouble to make it from scratch, although I would be grateful of course !

Thanks anyway!