Donate Your Models To Blender Artist!

Hi everyone…
I am posting this thread for people that have finished models like (Model,Texture,Rig)
So basically the models that are finished and are just sittin on your hard drive, you should share them!!
Its fun to see what other people can do with somthin you have made…
Feel free to post a picture and download link of your finished model… oh and feel free to put a license with them to… like if you wanted who ever was using it has to put your website or watever…
So lets share and help people who need them…
Happy Blending!

  • this is my repository. I haven’t donated anything here, but it’s a treasure trove.

fantastic find KBOT!!!

Yeah it’s quite cool. Although I believe it should be advertised more and more good volunteers could spend time on the site. There is a lot of “free” blender files floating around in various folks hard-drives and in obscure locations (like my own hard-drive) that really should be there.

I will be pleased to participate just when Illstrikesmemb2 releases and donates his finished 50 Blender models :slight_smile:

how did I know someone was gunna say somthing like that…
ok im not very good with modeling… i love ANIMATING…
i just wanted to see if people will share there models…
because i know a bunch of people will love to use them in there animations…
so i just wanted to see what people would like to donate to the blender world …
if i made an amazing model i wouldnt let it just sit on my hard drive …
i would share it when i was done then sit back and relax to see what people would make with it:D

Don’t forget this one

thank you for your find JURGAN!:smiley:

here’s my latest

great model… DONCUAN thank you for sharing…im sure people will have a ton of fun with him…what is his name bye the way? :wink:

you can check Zepam at this thread:

thank you JPBOUZA for sharing this fantastic model…Zepam will come in handy :smiley:

thanks for donating

Be very careful accepting and donating models. Kator-Legatz got into a world of trouble when models appeared on their website that were not donated by their rightful owners.

TROG…we are not uploading models that arnt ours…this post is for people who have made there models or have links to free models…so yah

OK, that was just a joke. If you like animating do not hesitate to try my Squash and Stretch Ball rig:

thank you for your donation…JIRIH

Mine doesn’t have a name. You can call him (or her) whatever you like

oh ok well thanks again DONCUAN :slight_smile: