donating $$$ is fun

Today I donated some cash to 5 different projects, and I must say its a pretty cool experience- if you were out at a bar you would buy these guys a round wouldn’t you? So why not throw them a few bucks right now, what’s 10 or 20 bucks to you? Donate to your favorite projects today!

   This isn't meant to be self-righteous in any way, but really it's cool to take some time and hook these guys up with some money, after all  they do make our lives a little better with their efforts, let's show them we notice it! Thanks for all the hard work! 

I’m not a spambot!

I´ll add a couple of links to this thread, to projects which are in need of funding:

Bmesh by Joeedh (N-gons, easier to develop new modeling tools)
Particle improvements by Jahka

At least Joeedh is inn dire need of funds right now, so here´s your chance to make a difference! =)

Take you 2 seconds

Unfortunately, i have the experience everytime I donate to whatever project, they die soon afterwards.

then donate to active projects (or maybe project that need donations to become active)…
the good thing about donating for software is it seems as though you’re paying for a product that not only benefits you, but also the world around you…

Yeah, I’m pretty sure if you would donate for the Blender project right now, it would be dead within a few weeks…


I agree, donating is like injecting life into development, that and good criticism(Kudo’s too, not just bitching).

I donated B-mesh and Smoke projects. Supporting a project is both motivate users and developers. :slight_smile:

Once I get my economy going a little better I will start donating again.

If you’re worried the project will die, then find a project that’s been completed (or some piece of FOSS you’ve been happily using for a while) and hit their tip jar.

I always wonder why more do not donate…I mean there are literaly more than a million people who have downloaded blender…surely if even 1% donate $10 a year that is $100,000.00…but that is not the case, while I cannot remember that last time I donated to the BF, I have donated to projects this year…I don’t feel like it is enough. I’m going to speak with my wife…I think it is time I made another donation.

I think this is a good idea!
Can Blender Foundation organize things like this idea?

I’m the proud owner of a B-Key for Blender, so I have donated to projects. All I wanted to say is that a lot of projects I thought were usefull to me and the author(s) deserved some support, died pretty soon after I donated.

But maybe it’s poor judgement from my side :stuck_out_tongue:

I give my time and energy to a worthy cause every now and then, and ofcourse the petrol money, and other associated costs like wear and tear do also count. However, I am quite skeptical at times when giving money. For example the commission the collectors get is not always obvious, some of them get paid enough, not to mention the flow on effects onto rental and so on. No way am I giving to some person who is likely to blow a certain percentage onto a jet boat, or upgrade to a person jet.

Thx for this thread. It was just the little reminder I needed to donate a bit of money again to bmesh, particle integration and wikipedia.
It’s really strange, because I feel that the most difficult part about donating is not the loss of the money but instead the question when to donate and to whom + the process of actually donating. Maybe the Blender Foundation could start something like a donation day or whatever to draw a bit of attention to the projects in need of money.

If you haven’t already ordered and paid for your Durian, that’s a superb way to support Blender development. I think that ED made a little money (after all expenses), BBB lost a little, and Yo Frankie was a financial smoking hole. From a continuing business model, if you make money two times out of four, that’s not too shabby. If you only make money one time out of four – not very sustainable. Seeing as the greatest developments (IMHO) have come out of this style of project, we should all try hard to push Durian into the cash positive range.

+1 to what harkyman said. Pre-order a couple copies of Durian for next year’s stocking stuffers! Order a couple to give out to strangers! That way you’ll be enriching both the BF and also the lives of those fortunate souls who happened to bump into you walking down the street.

Seriously, buying the DVDs is a great way to support Blender financially and promote the open movie model at the same time. And you gotta have at least a lending copy.