Done with this.

Here’s what I had (ignore the FFVII thing, I’m not going to make FFVII room anymore): -Not going to be used.

Looks good. Which room in the movie is it from?

It’s an original, it’s just a room I made up after looking at some screenshots on the net.

Looking good. The desk could have a little more detail, but it isn’t bad. Why is there a sky in the background? Well, why not?

The sky is for GI. Could you tell me how I could improve the desk?

C&C is welcome.


Here’s an update. Added bed.

Aside from the obvious things(like textures), if those are drawers on the bottom left, they could have a means of opening them, like a handle. Also, the rounded things on either side on the top(I don’t know what to call them…the big boards that are almost a quarter of a circle) look a little not-smooth on the edges. Maybe smooth that out a little. Other than that it all depends on the design your going for. If you’re trying for something elegant, obviously you’d need to do a lot more fancy curves and swirlies, but if you’re going for something a little more simple, you’ve done a great job.

Here I am using gamma corection. I can’t belive how much better it makes the renders. You can’t really see it now, but trust me, it’s a good thing.

C&C please.

I added a lot of things, some of wich you can’t see.

Peice of paper.
Bunch of pictures of Final Fantasy VII characters.
Light over bed.
Wire for light.
Chest of drawers.
Bag deals next to bed.
Sword with hanger things.
A pipe with a holder in the middle.

Here I have a lamp down the stairway through the doorway. Do the shadows look right for a lamp?

This render is from Alvaro nice settings for YafRay. Here is link:

I will hope this help You :).

Thanks for that.

I made a carpet texture. What do you think? Just ignore those lines on the wall.

I also added a envelope, wastebasket, and a food basket. C&C is welcome. If you have any ideas of what I could put in here, go ahead and tell me.

the handle on the buster sword is way to thin… other than that things are progressing really well.