Dongo Adventure - Indie Game Project [3D Platform] - [RELEASED]


(Ricardo 3D) #1


Steam Game Page:

Dongo Adventure (Official Trailer):

Hi guys! Dongo Adventure is an independent game that my brother and I developed for 11 months and is now available on Steam. The game is 3D Platform style, inspired by the classic platform games (mainly ‘Donkey Kong Country 2’), bringing all those challenges and fun of the genre. :slight_smile:

We use Blender 3D and Gimp software for production.

Thanks to all who accompanied and supported the project! o/

(Ludovic_L) #2

Hello. Very nice. Really kool to see BGE used for your project. Please continue the great work and please update this thread as I am sure many will follow the progress of your game.

(LioKon) #3

This is one of the best works in bge I ve seen in a long time for sure:D keep up the great work

(Ricardo 3D) #4

Ludovic_L and LioKon, many thanks! I hope to post news soon. :slight_smile:

(haidme) #5

Looks great! Is this made in Blender game engine?

(Nudiventra) #6

Everything is just excellent, keep it up!!

(John_tgh) #7

Great job! Keep it up :slight_smile:

(Ricardo 3D) #8

Haidme, thanks! yes, totally in the blender.

Puup Zemlya and John_tgh, thanks!!

(haidme) #9

Great! Looks fantastic!

(Ricardo 3D) #10

Thanks again Haidme!

(Ricardo 3D) #11

Hi guys! The page of the store of our Game was approved on Steam! Accompany there, soon we will post news about the development and launch. Thanks! :wink:

(Ricardo 3D) #12

Hi guys! We’ve updated the Teaser on the game page on Steam ( ). Contains some news and improvements compared to the previous (more fluidity, world map, check point system, color finish, resolution, borders etc …)

We are already working on the new scenarios and enemies, but will be presented in the next trailer, wait…! :wink:

Thanks for following the project! :slight_smile:

(linuxfree) #13

good game congrats

(Ricardo 3D) #14

Thanks man!

(CYNIC78) #15

Great game. Nice graphics and fun gameplay! Are you using only logic bricks or Python too in your game?

(Ricardo 3D) #16

CYNIC78, thanks man! Yes, so far we are only using logic bricks, our intention is to use only logic bricks until game finalization. :slight_smile:

(Ricardo 3D) #17

Hi guys! We just finished the new trailer of the game! We worked hard on him during those months, we are almost finished. It will soon be available on Steam.

Thank you all for following the project, soon more news! :wink: :+1:

Dongo Adventure - Final Trailer:

Steam Game Page:

(Ricardo 3D) #18

After a lot, a lot of work I say that our game has been finalized and is already available on Steam! o/

Many thanks to all who accompanied and supported the project! :raised_hands:

I hope everyone who plays will have a great experience and fun! :slightly_smiling_face: :video_game: