Donkey Kong Country 2

This is an image that I liked enough to do, take long to finish it.

Coments please, and sorry if there are any errors in English.

has photorealism, yet still has a cartoon look. I like it.

sorry if you have a problem reading my comment, i really don’t know any other languages.

That is precisely the kind of imagery I was expecting Nintendo 64 to be able to create when it was still Ultra 64 and 32-bits were already out of the door with amazing graphics of their own! :smiley:

I could understand what you wrote, I find it easier to read than to write.
Thank you for the comments!

Nice work here. Maybe you should turn the Specular value down for the major wood material, it’s a bit shiny to my taste. Maybe a bump map?

Thanks for the tips, I will work better in the picture!

looks good.

the modeling of the rope around the pole looks unnatural though.

nice work.

yes, the rope is unnatural, thanks for coment.

the rope and the specular wood aren’t a big deal; i think the weakest spot is the ocean.
if you fixed that, this would be a scene to be extremely proud of. :yes:

edit: your other work is also quite good. :yes:

Thank you!
The other work which you refer?

Haha I love it! Very classic, it has the right feel to it.

Thank you!
After hearing a few tips here, I made a new version with a fix in the spec of the mast.


Eu disse que era o tipo de gráficos que eu esperava do Nintendo 64 quando ainda se chamava Ultra 64 e os primeiros jogos de 32-bits saíam. Afinal, o salto de 16-bits para 32-bits já foi sensacional, portanto o salto de 32 para 64 bits deveria ter o mesmo impacto. Claro que não foi.

ei, por que não posta na Blender Brasil, também?

Sim, eu vou postar lá em breve!
Já tenho alguns trabalhos lá inclusive!

Aww nuts, I don’t know Portuguese.

I think the rope would look fine if you added a normal map to it and fixed that kink in it.

Yes, I’ll fix the rope in photoshop

really nice texture and render.

Thanks man!
A friend sugested more corrections, soon i post new work here!