Donkey Kong Level 25% done

Here is our WIP for a Super Mario/Sonic/Megaman/Frogger/Pac Man/any other char. I can model - Game

What is the point of remaking it in 3d with no 3d views (like following Mario in a more 3 dimensional world)?

I think that latest Duke Nukem game was a side scrolling 3D game like this, that was good and probs sold a few copies.

can you say “copyright?” anyway…i think it looks really good!

Mario looks kinda longlegged in your version, and I have to agree with shbaz. Duke Nukem Manhattan City was very cool idd, but you saw it was in 3D. This mario game also looks 2D…

anyways, nice :slight_smile:

  • Bentagon

I think I remember in the original mario he never faced the camera. He was always looking to the left or right, even though his body would face the camera when resting. I agree with shbaz though, why not step it up a notch. Update the graphics, update the animations, etc.

Nifty! I think this is a way cool project and your off to a good start!
You might try to work on Mario a bit, the actual model and textures are OK but if you are going to accuracy, he’s a bit more squaty and fat. 8)

Keep it up and keep us posted!


This is just a teaser level. The game will be in 3D when we are done.

I wanted to do a side scroller level and work up to 3d.

Its like the Old School Games United. Its a Fan game! Yes all due credit will be given to who ownes the copyrights. I love all these characters and wanted to see them together to fight a common foe.(I dont know who that is yet, We were throwing around Bill Gates!) hehe

But the game will be in 3d. I also took a look at all the other characters who have “grown up” like Link, He was a shorty and is like 6 foot(in game world) Original Mario was tooooo short to model.

Thanks for looking.

Here is the offical Game page

Here is the latest

  1. Added 4 new characters. 2 turtles(mario) 2 Robots(megaman)

  2. Mooman animated megaman, added Shots, Added awesome Super Shot, with recoil on character.

  3. All models textured with our own textures.

  4. Decided to have Mario as Boss in Mario level.

on the website, none of the links work :frowning: but the game looks awesome, and i look forward to playing it…

Wow, that looks great. Except mario, his legs are too long. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, Fixed the links…Page is template and I moved the page file…

As for Marios legs, I wanted a taller mario as a boss and the short one was just toooooo short.

Sonic Level added!

I cant use the link. Are you shure it works?

holy adds!

and i really cant wait untill the game comes out :slight_smile:

This sounds reallly interesting but your web site is a bit broken: I just get a bunch of popups and timeout errors.

Ok, My webhoster had some guy taking ppls credit card #'s so all sites got shut down and deleted!! Fear not I had back ups and this actually made me redesign my site for the better. So its all good.

Now on to what we all want! MEGAMAN!!! What we have done so far

  1. Finished Mario Level
  2. Finished Sonic Level
  3. Finished Sonic boss Level
  4. Started on Donkey Kong level
  5. Designed Pac-Man level

Thanks to Mooman again for his awesome programming skillz! Also Welcome Blendergetic and goldentaiji to the team!! Goldentaiji will handle all animations in game and Blendergetic will offer his modeling skills for all our props and bad guys!

I fixed all links and here it is again See for your self!

Our Home page

hey this looks so cool, just checked out the screen shots. looks like you spent so much time on that. but i do have one major problem, why spend so much time on those characters and levels when you could have made your own origianl characters. it just seems like so much work for no reason, because like someone else pointed out you could get in big trouble for the copyright thing. you could have made your own original levels and charcters, it just seems like such a huge loss.
i really think you have some great modeling and game making skills, the best i have seen on elysiun yet. but make your own stuff dude then your skills will be complete!
if i can help i would totally be interested in helping to think up a game, characters and levels, all original. and could do lots of 2d concept art, and give a try at making low poly characters, and texturing the game. let me know, i think you really have a real passion for this and i would love to be a part of it.
let me know, and keep up the great work, just make sure that its yours! :wink:

I gave proper respect to the creators at the bottom of the screen and if they want all this for their own purposes I wont stop them. Like I said it all belongs to them, Capcom/Atari/Nintendo ect. When we started this project we never intended it to get so large. I have seen many many fan games and I did some research and found that most of these companies dont really care. Fan games have been around along time and will continue on as long as fans keep making them. This is not done for profit only love of playing a character we all love in a non 2d place. Lets face it there should have been a mainstream megaman 3d game a long time ago.

If you want to check out a good fan game creator do a search for MUGEN game creator…What im doing is nothing compared to that program. (megaman vs. Dragon BallZ)

Also I do have an idea for an original game. I will post on it as soon as I get more details done. Thanks for the compliments & KEEP BLENDING!!!

If worse comes to worse we can always replace the characters with originals. All of the badies are original design by me.

hey sorry if the last post sounded a little harsh, i didnt mean it to come across that way. i was just blown away by how nice you got the game to look and i thought it would have been even better with brand new levels and characters
didnt mean to be rough i really do respect what you have put together, and i think you have some really great game making skills, keep up the great work!